बुधवार, 17 नवंबर 2010

12 hours a day is night I Chowdhury beloved ranch and was coming back home. Then a shape of a thick tree and from there passing glance I thought I did not mind when a voice came Where is -------? I saw one wearing a white gown standing Oarat, I asked: - Who are you? and planting Fessial What are you doing here?
I am a ghost (Hesitate while) I do not Alghaya Acahere Fessial is on! Acahere ghost logo is like that I was afraid :-() you are paid to do?
Ghost: - I live on the same tree
I: - ghost, why people wear white dresses? And leave at night, why are you?
Ghost: - Kalrafhul dress I refuse to wear our world, and in days past we all work for your organization
I: - is! Your world is too "and you are the organization's logo /
Ghost: - Yes, the day we meet many new Ruha - New Ruhoan roam around to get support.
Me: - What organization are you?
Ghost: - Erp (Indian soul party) and even organizations like us.
Me: - Hey, you have to use the name of the country.
Ghost: - Yes, other countries would do the same in the Bhuto.
Me: - I do not understand?
Ghost: - Oh! Further Hayyaji all of us different - different states are divided?
I: - mean?
Ghost: - As in our Ruha Maharashtraya can not be! Just rest you're smart
I: - The organization has turned around the Bhuto Cese in?
Ghost: - You Ruhoan number of human beings because we are growing rapidly
I: - How's that?
Ghost: - your world fauna of the many trees - plants, birds that are extinct.
I: - OK! Btic you why these people are the foot of the reverse?
Ghost smiling :-() because the fuel does not make that finger straight ......
Ghost: - Good day now is going to get away from here
Me: - You Mregee I not? And must get to Morningach morning?
The angry ghost :-() your world floods, disease, air road and rail tracks Dorti death, I see that you Jau why Maru and where Morningach? Lota how many people are going to ground, the whole plain nasty turn away now you ruined the whole night here Tune.
I was not scared, thinking the house and had to walk